Advanced Technology Equipment

Having the right equipment benefits our team as well as our customers.

For Hydro Clear, it increases our safety and productivity, and prevents damage to both tools and environment. Customers benefit through reduced costs through efficiencies in work hours and quality of work.

Hydro Clear uses technology advancements in closed circuit television and line break detection, and specifically designed trucks carrying robust pumps, hoses and sludge dewatering presses.

Vac Trucks, Support Trucks & Trailers

Six (6) specialized sewer jet trucks use high pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to clean and flush sewer and storm drain pipelines. All trucks are equipped with pumps, hoses, plugs, and all the tools needed to complete your job.

Advanced Camera Vans (office on wheels)

Two (2) support panel vans house high tech CCTV inspection hardware and software for medium- and large-diameter pipes. Capabilities include video recording, focus and zoom operations, direction lighting, pipe grade and sag integrity, and location sensors. Hydro Clear mist detection service identifies breaks, cracks and poor connections, and is EPA approved.

For smaller pipes, Hydro Clear’s 400-foot push camera provides high definition video aided by a super bright LCD screen for daytime visibility.

CCTV Closed Circuit Television Inspection Specs
  • 6 to 48 inch pipes
  • Video recording with visual data on the condition within the pipe
  • Automatic and remote (manual) focus
  • Manual zoom up to 40x (optical and digital)
  • Iris control
  • Directional lighting capabilities
  • The software is used to manage and collect inspection data, to create reports, and manipulate and query data to support rehabilitation recommendations
  • Rover is set up with inclination to detect sag and grade of pipe
  • Handheld device for determining exact location of rover when a location needs to be identified
Smoke Detection Service
  • Identify breaks, cracks and connections in lines
  • Environmentally safe and endorsed by the EPA
  • It’s not actually smoke, but a non-toxic, non-staining and odorless mist
Push Cam
  • 400-foot push camera to video smaller pipes
  • HD-quality video
  • Super bright LCD screen for daytime visibility

Sludge De-Watering Press

Separating solids from liquids removes impurities and suspended solids from industrial wastewater. This allows operators to easily handle and dispose of waste while returning clean water to their systems.